Creed Listers Pictures
Our very own Mr. Mungo, with Mark and Scott.
(When asked if it would be okay to post this picture, Ross had this to say:
"I hate that pic, but if you write a disclaimer stating that I hadn't slept for 72 hours then I guess it would be ok!  :-)")
So there's your disclaimer, Ross.  ;)
(And please don't call him "airportfanguy", as he hates it and will make us take down the picture if you use it.)
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Joey Stapp (a former list member - and yes, that's really her last name) with Scott Stapp.
October 17, 2000
Omaha, NE
Civic Auditorium
Creed list members out and about - meeting up with members of Creed and other bands.  If you have a picture to submit, please e-mail it to with your profile name and a short description.
Nora and her daughter Ashley with Hugo (lead singer of Tantric, one of the opening bands on the first leg of the Weathered tour).
Auburn Hills, MI
February 11, 2002
Tara and Scott with American Pearl (opening band on the Human Clay tour).
Sterling Heights, MI
(Kenny Wayne Shepherd concert)
June 2001
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A group of us were able to meet up following the Creed concert in Auburn Hills, February 11, 2002.  Lee, Jen, Jen's cousin, and V and her girls all managed to get spots together on the rail during the show.  Afterwards, we played a little cell phone tag and Scott and I managed to catch up with Lee and Jen.  V and her girls put in a brief appearance at the hotel before heading home, and the rest of us decided to try and find someplace where we could grab a bite to eat.  Lee finally managed to find a bar that served food until 1 am - at about 12:45 am.  We all ran out the door, and got to the bar at 1:05 am.  Oh well... you can't beat stale chips and salsa!
We all had a great time getting to finally meet each other, after chatting back and forth for well over a year on the Creed Discussion List.  Here's hoping we'll be able to do it again sometime soon!  (Well, we can leave out the stale chips part next time).
"Amaretto what???"  ;)
Lee, Tara, Scott, and Jen - 2/11/02
Jen with 12 Stones at The Globe in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Kelly with Joe Elliot (Def Leppard, for you young'uns)*left* and with Eric Clapton *right*.