Name: Tara
Northwest Michigan
On the list since:
November 1998
Number of times I've seen Creed perform: Four
Favorite Creed song:
One (or Torn... or Ode... or WAWO... or What If...)
When I first heard of Creed: Back at a get-together at a friend's house in May 1998... the next day I had the chorus to "My Own Prison" stuck in my head, and had to get the CD that day.
Creed concert experiences: 
The first show I went to was in late 1999, at the Palace of Auburn Hills.  I took my younger sister Krystan.  We were on the floor, and I managed to be in the front row and almost center for Creed's performance.  (Krystan was two rows back).  It was a great time, and the four hour drive each way gave my sister and I plenty of time to talk.  She passed away six months later, so I'm very glad I had that chance to spend some time with her.  (That concert was also the only concert she ever went to).
The second show I saw was in 2000, at Pine Knob (now DTE Music Energy Theater or something like that).  My fiance, Scott, went with me - his first time seeing Creed.  I was also 7 months pregnant at the time, and still think it's cool that the baby started kicking during the song "With Arms Wide Open".  =)
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