Name: Sharon
On the list since:
November 2001
Number of times I've seen Creed perform: 1 time
Favorite Creed song (and why):
MOP and ONE - I heard MOP several times just never totally listened to the words until the night I was released from jail after a horrible 2 days of being processed (Looong story) my brother put in the CD, gave me the words and said,"thought this fit."  I sat and cried, but for the first time I felt like someone had felt the same thing I was feeling!  That little bit of inspiration helped get me back on my feet and fight back and determine for myself what life could offer instead of taking what others told me I could expect.
When I first heard of Creed:
Not given
Creed concert experiences:
I was in front by the rail for 3 bands, as soon as CREED came out the crowd went crazy, moving to the front of the floor trampling many!  I will never forget how they sounded so much better LIVE.
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