Rebel Yell

Name: Amanda
Rebel Yell
April 8, 1985
On the list since:
Number of times I've seen Creed perform: 2, it will be my 3rd time January 16!!
Favorite Creed song (and why):
What's This Life For - The song just means a lot to me. I don't really know why it catches my ear, but it has a good beat. And seems to get the crowd going whenever it's played live. I also enjoy "One Last Breath" from Weathered.
When I first heard of Creed:
In 1997, my friend played me "My Own Prison"
Creed concert experiences:
Not really, but this coming Wednesday I will be at the opening show in Atlanta, and so will VH1. Sorry I just think it's awesome. Plus all but 2 shows are sold out. I am happy to be a part of one of the hottest tours of 2002!!
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