Name:  Maria
Age:  25
Birthdate:  9-29-75
Homeplace:  Citrus Co, Florida
On the list since: 
I joined the list in the beginning of 2000.
Number of times I've seen Creed perform:  Only once!
Favorite Creed song (and why): 
Faceless Man - I just think the song has so much emotion in it.  And I like the meaning.  All Creed's songs have a great meaning, I just find this one special.
When I first heard of Creed: 
Well Creed was played here in FL by local radio stations before they made it big.  They also did a lot of free shows in Orlando.
Creed concert experiences: 
I seen Creed when they toured with Metallica.  I was totally blew away by Creed.  I think that Creed sounds just as good, if not better live than on there album.  Bands that sound that good live, are hard to come by.
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