Name: Jade
AKA: Deyahna
Age: 18
West Coast
On the list since:
When they first introduced it!
Number of times I've seen Creed perform: ~poutz~ No...
Favorite Creed song (and why):
DAMN...ummm...uh..."Bullets" and "Wash Away Those Years" - "Bullets'": I like how heavy it is and the message behind it, that so many ppl today are preoccupied with everyone else and trying to "screw them over" and it's pathetic, really. (That's MY interpretation.)
"Wash Away Those Years": I have specific reasons as to WHY I love that song and will not elaborate on them, but I can indentify with the song completely in some cases.

When I first heard of Creed:
~L~ Oh no....
It was back in the summer of '98 - when "MOP" was getting major airplay back in MI. I had heard it and thought that Days of the New had a new single out and was getting heavier. (~L~) I was in the car with my older brother and it came on 89x (88.7 fm - you Michiganders know!) I said "Dude, turn it up! It's that new single by Days that I told you about!" He turned to me with a "WTF?" look on his face and said "No it ain't. This is that band Creed that Nick told me about!"
I said "Who the hell is Creed?"

Blue Angel's Heaven
Weathered by the Bullets
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