Name:  Debbi
AKA:  DebbiR
Age:  not given
nah, i don't think so  ;-)
Seattle, WA
On the list since: 
so long ago that i'm probably not a "newbie(tm)" anymore!
Homepage: Debbi's Page
Number of times I've seen Creed perform:  hundreds.  I keep playing the video over and over.  Oh, you mean in person?  none
Favorite Creed song (and why): 
today it's "To Whom it May Concern" - Not sure.  It speaks to me.  That's all I can come up with for an explanation.
When I first heard of Creed: 
i flipped through the channels and VH1 was showing the Creed-Behind the Music.  I couldn't stop watching.  I was hooked.
Creed concert experiences: 
sure...this one time, at band camp...
Other info:  whatever everyone told you about me, it's a LIE!  I swear!
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