Name: Chrystal
29 *webmaster - don't you mean 7?  ;)*
On the list since:
November 1999
Number of times I've seen Creed perform: 5
Favorite Creed song (and why):
Torn, One Last Breath - I totally relate to the lyrics
When I first heard of Creed:
First heard them on the radio here in 98
Creed concert experiences:
3 times in Houston, once in Orlando, and just saw them at the Cowboys Thanksgiving game in Dallas, best show was Orlando with several of the Creed listers, HAD THE BEST TIME!!!!!!!
Creed related stories:
While in Orlando, we (some creed listers) were lucky enough to get the hookup and meet Scott Phillips at a bar his brother's band (4 Years Past) was playing at.  He was sooo nice, took our pics with him and he gave us autographs too.  Then we all went to his brother's house and partied with them til the wee hours of the morning.
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