AleX says: "ask and ye shall receive, otherwise &^$* it!"
Name:  AleX
New York
On the list since: 
July 9, 2001
Number of times I've seen Creed perform:  Two, but both were pretty small performances.  Hoping for a "real" live show soon though!  *Crosses fingers for February!*
Favorite Creed song (and why):  "
What's This Life For" was the first song I've heard, and also the most positive.  I won't say it really affected me or changed my life drastically after hearing it, because it hasn't.  Just everytime I hear it, I have to hear it again.  Still has the same effect!
When I first heard of Creed: 
Heard of them on a radio station in Maryland (99.1 HFS) a couple years ago.  They played "What's This Life For" but I never caught the band name.  Maybe a few weeks to a month later (of me driving everybody insane trying to find out who the heck that band was!), I heard a "3 song block" on the same station with "My Own Prison" playing.  I went down to the store and previewed the cd.  Heard "What's This Life For" and a bunch of other songs I couldn't get out of my little head and bought the album right after.
Creed concert experiences:  Since they were really small, there's nothing I can really say.
Creed related experiences:
Well, once I literally "ran into" Mark T. at one of the little band things I went to when I was in FL....soooo long ago though, I forgot all about where!  I was walking with a friend of mine (obviously not watching where I was going) and banged right into his back, both of us dropping a few things.  He looked at me and asked if I was ok after that.  He was so nice, man of very little words though!  I even got a help up and a pic of him  But with my crappy camera all you can see is a black splotch!  :(
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